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We had an awesome time at Anime Boston, and hope to do it again next year. Photos & VIDEOS are posted beneath the 5 new Convention appearance announcements.

We've just gotten confirmation from FIVE MORE SHOWS!

May 20 - 22 in Rosemont, IL (right next to Chicago)

May 27 - 29 in Raleigh, NC

July 29 - 30 in Baltimore, MD

August 19 - 21 in Columbus, OH. where Kevin is a GUEST!

September 16 -18 in Rockville, MD

Kevin and I just got back in from AnimeBoston. It was our very first dealer's room table and we invested in new product and displays in a major way. I drove Kevin bonkers with graph paper and scale replicas of the booth for months before hand, and we even tapped one of our lovely cosplayer friends to come north and help us draw attention.

Here's Interro-Girl, all dolled up and ready to show you around the Interrobang Booth. She was kind enough to take us on a Video Tour of the booth:

For our very first dealer's room booth, Kevin and I rigged up a bunch of prints to hang like a quilt in our normal display arch against the table. We also figured out how to make the Spinks sit on folks, so Kevin and I each had little shoulder-buddies for the weekend.

Interro-Girl gets a quiet moment at AnimeBoston with our new book. Daddy Daughter Ninja Day got a glowing reception at both TMODE and AnimeBoston. My favorite part is when the Monkey Monk's all "YOU KIDS GET OFFA MY LAWN!" and the Ninjas are all, "LULZ! Secret Scroll--YOINK!" Look for it for sale on our website soon.

What fun! Kevin and I ran into this amazing cosplayer at AnimeBoston. Her face painting was so elaborate, I had to get a photo. Thank you, Cheshire Cat. ♥

Kevin sells little art cards of his chibi redesigns when we're at conventions. Death seemed super-excited about hers. The best thing about Death? Her awesome sense of humor. :D

Our Sucks To Be Weegie Tshirts are back in stock! And just in time too. You can start looking for the collected book of Weegie strips by this summer. Kevin tells me the books will have a whole brand new story arc of comics that will not be posted online.

Julio came by the booth with his four, home-made, AWESOME-SAUCE ninja mutants! Anyone who's known me for more than a week knows that the green teens are my fandom of choice--so Julio's amazing puppets were an instant sensation with me! He was kind enough to let Kevin and I play with them on camera:

Check out his own website: JR Enterprises Films & ScrapsTV JR Enterprise Films & ScrapsTV

It's just not a convention without commissions. Kevin's always thrilled at the chance to draw fun characters, and AnimeBoston's attendee-requests did not disappoint. Riza Hawkeye was only the first. (bang bang!) Kevin'll post the rest of them over on his KevinBolk facebook fanpage later this week.

Interro-Girl loves Spinks. And Spinks love Interro-Girl. These little fellows practically flew off the shelves when people realized they could be pinned to hats, wigs, bags, or shirts... TWICE as fast when we showed that the large size are perfect cell phone cozies.

Ensign Sue has charmed the stuffing out of First Officer Chakotay. But really, who's surprised? It's what she does. (And she's the best there is at what she does, bub...)

Let me show you what she does:

LOL. This was late in the day on Saturday and we were so fried. We were 100% ready to go get some real food and sit down somewhere. Everything was waaaaay funnier then than at any other point in the convention.

Thank you so much for the art and the well-wishes, Kori! She swung by the booth on both Friday and Sunday--taking a break from her own Artist Alley table to do it. Hope things went well for you, Kori and that they continue to do so throughout your art career. Check out her awesome art at

Help me Internets. What video game is the purple creature from? It's devouring Ensign Sue, has some tentacles, and a pink knapsack. (I don't think the knapsack or the devouring are key for recognizing the character--but then again, maybe they are?)

Ensign Sue has encountered one of the scariest things we saw all weekend. Pika-Equestrian-chu? Oddly enough, this Pokemon from Hell could REALLY dance. Wish I'd gotten video.

Ensign Sue met more than weird monsters at Anime Boston--she met allies, too! Mr. T & Ensign S prove that they've got what it takes to stop fools in their tracks.

This nice lady was kind enough to draw Kevin some rockin' birthday art. Thank you so much. You absolutely made his day! Privacy? We can add your username if you would like, but we weren't sure about your feelings re:linking your real life face to your username

Ensign Sue has the answer for any situation! Is your con-buddy so stinky that even he cannot stand his own overwhelming stench? Then THINK PINK*! Sue's very own Cotton Candy Scented Spray Soap and Perfume! Everything's better with Ensign Sue.

*Also contains 300 times the daily recommended value of B12 vitamins.

Ensign Sue rides Kevin like the pretty little pony he is. Prance, K-Bo, PRANCE! Let's see those shiny little hooves caper!

Thankfully Kevin fist bumped the guy in the Shredder costume late in the day on Sunday. All his commissions had been completed by the time this unfortunate incident occurred.

When we got home, Yzma proceeded to drape herself like spanish moss on whichever one of us was foolish enough to sit down. I think she thought that perhaps she might prevent us from leaving again if she could keep us pinned. Poor kitty. We'll be home for another 2 weeks before Kevin leaves for Anime Central.

Thanks to all you folks we met that weekend, whether for the first time or the 30th. We had folks stopping by and talking or letting us take photos, or bringing us some art, or buying things, or not buying anything, but being just so darn nice... Kevin had an amazing birthday thanks to all of you!


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