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Interrobang Studios (Kevin Bolk's & my webcomics site) has been growing. Growing well enough that we're competing for a quarter million dollar small business grant.

We're looking to take on more artists, provide a channel for comics & business education, and develop a creator-supporting digital publishing hub. Simply put, our goal is to significantly increase the percentage of amazing talent that gets paid for sharing their time, effort, and creativity with all us online comics readers.

Here's a comic about who we are and how you can help! )

We're asking folks visit Mission Small Business, click "Login & Support" to login with your facebook account, then type "Interrobang Studios" in the search field, and click "Vote" when our listing appears.

If you do not have a facebook, do not feel comfortable logging into the Mission Small Business website, or just want to do more to spread the word, please consider re-posting the comic or the video below as a signal boost!

The link to the YouTube video dubbed-version of the comic.
(Dub-comic generously donated by Hathorliderc & his Talented Team of voice actors.)
The link to Kevin's comic on DeviantArt.

Kevin and I could not be more grateful for the enormous outpouring of support we've seen from our fans, our friends, our family, and even complete strangers who just like our idea. We've surpassed the minimum qty of votes needed for the competition, and are now trying to knock the socks of the judges with our vote count. My socks are already well-knocked by our vote count, but we do have until June 30th to garner as many as we can.

So, thank you, whether you read, vote, or share. Thank you very much!
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The Windup Comic Fest is a one-day sequential art event, held twice a year in Baltimore at The Windup Space. Indie comic book artists and comic book stores set up shop for an afternoon of comic awesomeness.

There is no cover charge. The Windup Comics Fest is an all-ages event. Alcohol is available for guests 21 and older. Parking is on-street, or in one of two nearby garages.

MAY 22, 2010. 2pm - 7pm. 12 West North Avenue, Baltimore, MD 21201

P.S. Vendor Space still Available. Check the website for details.
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Guys, you've gotta see some of this stuff. Philly was a blast!

Interrobang Studios went to Wizard World Philadelphia this weekend. We had a booth in the artist alley, met some new friends, saw some awesome costumers, and got to give a copy of our WatchBabies parody to GARTH ENNIS. (ohgod!<--fangirl fit.)

Many Large Photos Under Here! )
We had a great time! We sang karaoke! I found BodyCount #1! And, best of all, the studio made back the cost of the table, the con passes, the gas money, and three days' worth of parking with enough left to make a serious dent in the cost of inventory.

We're on our way, right?

I don't think we've got a convention appearance in July, but I'm working on it. Maybe something local?
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Quoth a nice lady in my community:

Yeah, I've searched the reeeaaallly looooong boxes of TMNT (Image, Mirage, and Archie) comics at the local shop, and there's very few issues cheaper than $3. Most are around $3.50, $4. I found it strange that a lot of the back issues were more expensive than the current one(s). (I understand rarity, but I only ran across about four (that I didn't buy) issues that were $2.50)

Do you know how MAD that makes me?! COMIC BOOK STORES LIKE THAT?! It's STUPID and GREEDY but mostly STUPID!!

[Rant="other comic book stores"]

Let's pretend for a moment that a comic book store exists to sell comics and not to serve as an over-sized holding bin for some psuedo-business-minded collector.


Is it better to buy a collection of 12 long boxes with 400 books each and SELL them all at a dollar-fifty to two-fifty each?


Buy that same collection and mark up the books by twice that amount so that you get more money--but don't SELL more than a quarter of them?

Now, you can't be stupid about things. If you've got a book that's worth $20 on ebay, you don't sell it for that cheap. But trust me, out of a collection of that size? You'll have MAYBE a long box worth of books that should be actually sold individually.

The rest of them? Get RID of them and get your money back plus as much as possible (which we've established is NOT done by marking them up and sitting on them forever). Because, no matter how much you COULD sell those books for, until you DO sell those books, they're a WASTE. They waste floor space in your store that could be generating revenue. They waste your ability to buy new books that people WANT. They waste your name as a 'comic book store with good stuff!' b/c people come in more than once and you've still got the same schlock that they didn't buy the first time sitting there at the same prices! Even if you take them off your sales floor and put them in storage, now you're paying RENT for these stupid things.

You're a STORE.



*eats other store owners. Steals their stores. Sells their books. Buys an island. Be's queen.*
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