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I'm sure that very famous people have very different metrics for 'success' than people who do webcomics. But indulge me while I squeal:

Somebody likes us enough to use us for RPG!Secret on lj (#03, scroll down)


A Trek Fan Site thought we were cool enough to write an article!

Way to go Kevin & Clare! You're internet-famous! :D

For what it's worth, Clare and Kevin and I have our Ensign Sue books back from the printer. We'll both be selling them in person at our respective conventions this weekend: Polaris in Toronto for Clare and Artscape in Baltimore for Kevin. Wish us luck!

Also, a friend will be cosplaying as Ensign Mary Amethyst Star Enoby Aiko Archer Picard Janeway Sue. Complete with changing hair streak. XD
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well. my ethernet card is working, so i've got internets when kevin's not online, b/c we don't have a cable long enough to reach both his AND my computers, but! I have internets.

Sure, my office space is still an ungodly series of heaps, but i'm gonna eat some lunch, put on the bugle or rachel or keith, pull out some sharpie markers and my bundle of blank file folders and SORT THIS MUTHERFUCKER OUT.

So in brief, while i'm still wired:

1. NYC Comic Con = LOADS of fun. Very $$$-y, so we may not be back to that one for a few years, but when we're ready for it, we'll hit it like a crying kid in church. THANK YOU MIKE!!

2. Halloween = Awesomesauce. I dressed up as a Spink this year.

3. The Move = Hellish, but only if hell were underwater. THANK YOU to all the folks who rolled out 2 days in a row to help us move in the rain. We've discovered and repaired all the leaks in the new townhouse, with the exception of the one that seems to come from the upstairs tub.

4. Verizon = FULL OF STUPID. @(#$%&@#$()FCFJVXVJSE)R(##@()@@!!

5. My computer = FULL OF FAIL. Failed wireless drivers. Failed ethernet card drivers. Failed uninstalls that prevent failing installs. GRAHH!!! Thank you, Blake, for tinkering with the stupid thing and getting the ethernet card to work.

6. Kevin's Brother = Down a finger-tip. Kevin's poor brother lost the top of his right index finger to his dogs when he tried to stop them from fighting. The doctors could not re-attach the finger joint, but Darren's getting a prosthetic so he can keep playing guitar in his band. Brother's gal also got bitten while trying to break up the dog-fight, she's damaged, but recovering nicely. The one dog is fine. The other dog got stitches around her eye, is fine, and is getting a new home where she can be the only child. Both dogs are super sweet with people, but fight like cats in a sack around each other.

7. Kevin's Art Gallery = AWESOME SURPRISE! His work is being displayed and sold at the Greenbelt Arts Center in the lobby outside the community theater. We had been expecting to provide 'some pieces,' not 'frame and hang enough art to cover 42 feet of wall.' It worked out BEAUTIFULLY though and it's such a cool display!

8. Upcoming Convention appearance = ANIME USA in Crystal City, VA. On Nov 20-22.

So much more to say, but so much more to DO. I'm not dead--and I've not read or caught up on anything y'all've posted, but I look forward to it! :D
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ha ha.

Also, while I was plugging Interrobang around the intertubes, I got given a link in return. This guy makes his own very excellent electronica He appears to have remixed not only Punch Out but Zelda's theme with Metroid music. I approve. I would give him an internet if he had the foresight to have a handy tally device like the one above.

This weekend I am going to clean. I am going to make Spink book. I am going to sleep in just a tad. I am going to prep for the upcoming convention. (Wizard World Philadelphia! Woo!) I am going to relax by doing things I enjoy.

Oh. And this past Thursday night, I completed Dr. Layton & the Curious Village. Very fun. It was like being in the gifted program all over again. The puzzles were the best part of that class.
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