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Kevin and I are rolling out to NEW YORK CITY the week after next! We'll be at the NEW YORK COMIC CON & NEW YORK ANIME FEST.

Thursday, October 13 through Sunday October 16.

If you happen to be going too, here's Two important things to help you find us at the show:

1. We're in the ANIME FEST artist alley, table D13. The Anime Fest's Artist Alley is on the 4th floor, overlooking the main NYCC Show floor.

2. They took our Interrobang Studios application and put it under Kevin's name. Look for KEVIN BOLK in your program and on maps.

This is the second-to-last show we'll be doing this year, and certainly the one furtherest north. Our last show will be AnimeUSA in November in Crystal City, Virgina. That's snuggled right up next to Washington DC. You might have spotted all the art Kevin did for them this year. He's a GUEST!

It's a good thing that the end of the year starts slowing down for us. I'm tryin' not to lose my marbles.

The promotion at work has been a good, good thing--but funny enough, they expect me to do more work. Heh. Who knew, right?

We've had 5 conventions in 4 weeks. Two of them were on the same weekend! (Kevin went west with a helper & I did the local show.) Add that into the day job, the 4 webcomics, and all the silly stuff that just happens (broke my glasses, kthnx, universe. Wearing an old perscription is totally the kind of headache I needed!), and WOOF.

I cannot wait to have a slow weekend. Do laundry. Whip up a few Spinks. Draw fandom stuff. Visit with friends. Fuzzle the cats. Sleep in. Watch crap movies. Kevin's threatening to make me watch ZARDOZ. That's the 1970's space dystopia where Sean Connery wears big red man panties. "The Gun is good! The Penis is evil!" It's bound to be a riot.

What's up with you and what's your favorite crap movie?
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I am an incredibly, ridiculously lucky human being. So lucky in fact that it gives me hysterical giggles if I think on it too long.

1. I got the job. OMG. Like, with a salary and benefits. It starts up next week, and I'm waffling between quiet panic and utter lethargy. The lucky part? It took me a week. From 'deciding I needed a job' until acceptance letter. WTF?! I DON'T KNOW, BUT I AM SO GRATEFUL.

2. My house is not on fire. The house across the street caught fire. I live in a TOWN HOUSE. The whole neighborhood is just back to back to back to back... and the place two doors down and one strip of asphalt away was ablaze. My home, my cats, important federal documents that say I'm allowed to work at the new job I just got? All of them are FINE. The lucky part? Because it's RAINING TONIGHT. There was only one unit burned, and thankfully for the neighbors, they weren't home--no injuries!

3. My fiance and his extended family rock. Don't get me wrong, I've got awesome folks in my own gene pool, but it's wonderful to be in love with someone who's not tied to a fresh batch of crazy. You know how many families out there are the 'family values' version of spastic, rabid weasels in a sack? My whole family's been incredibly supportive and generous, but I want a special spotlight on the basic sanity of my family-to-be.

4. We got space at AnimeBoston! 2 feet. BUT IT'S SOMETHING! I'd already told Boston friends we couldn't go--and into my inbox pops the offer! I'll be tied down with the new job, but that wonderful fiance of mine will be there with 2 foot worth of inventory. ;P

5. Our panels got approved at Tekkoshocon! That's badges in the bag and a chance to really talk to folks! :D ROCK! Again, I've gotta stay home thanks to new job, but I'm not the only one in the studio who can give panels on the topics we picked, so we're covered.

6. I have kickass friends who animate my goofy drawings for me: THANK YOU, REI!

Lucky me is going to bed. I MUST REMEMBER THIS FEELING WHEN I WAKE UP TOMORROW. I don't know what my malfunction is, but I'm always more focused and determined at night when I should crash and not in the morning when I need some fire to seize the day.

Tomorrow's To Do List:
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February 12, 13, & 14 (Happy Valentine's Day!), we were in Timonium at Far Point 2010!

Thanks to our friends at, Gavin & Griff, we were introduced to a most excellent gentleman, Eli, with the Far Point programming department. Eli graciously incorporated us into Far Point's brand new "Do-It-Yourself" track, and welcomed us to do all kinds of panels.

We even worked with Eli and other local comic artists to set up a brand new philanthropic event, THE CHARITY STRIP-OFF. :D

Far Point Photos )

We have video of the shark dance at our new YouTube channel.

In addition to this silliness, I'm also job-hunting. I should hear from my most exciting prospect before Tuesday. *Fingers crossed*

And now, Cats )
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There is a party on the 19th. If you are local, and I don't manage to post my funny-picture invitation tomorrow, poke me about it!

Oh and the new job is made of excellence!

It's also very, very time consuming... so I'm bailing on my rpgs. And that makes me a sad panda. But then i look at my job, and my friends, and my family, and the good things that have flooded my life in great measure... And I can gracefully retire from some RPG without too much fuss. In exchange for what I have, they are the smallest of prices to pay.
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