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Kevin and I are rolling out to NEW YORK CITY the week after next! We'll be at the NEW YORK COMIC CON & NEW YORK ANIME FEST.

Thursday, October 13 through Sunday October 16.

If you happen to be going too, here's Two important things to help you find us at the show:

1. We're in the ANIME FEST artist alley, table D13. The Anime Fest's Artist Alley is on the 4th floor, overlooking the main NYCC Show floor.

2. They took our Interrobang Studios application and put it under Kevin's name. Look for KEVIN BOLK in your program and on maps.

This is the second-to-last show we'll be doing this year, and certainly the one furtherest north. Our last show will be AnimeUSA in November in Crystal City, Virgina. That's snuggled right up next to Washington DC. You might have spotted all the art Kevin did for them this year. He's a GUEST!

It's a good thing that the end of the year starts slowing down for us. I'm tryin' not to lose my marbles.

The promotion at work has been a good, good thing--but funny enough, they expect me to do more work. Heh. Who knew, right?

We've had 5 conventions in 4 weeks. Two of them were on the same weekend! (Kevin went west with a helper & I did the local show.) Add that into the day job, the 4 webcomics, and all the silly stuff that just happens (broke my glasses, kthnx, universe. Wearing an old perscription is totally the kind of headache I needed!), and WOOF.

I cannot wait to have a slow weekend. Do laundry. Whip up a few Spinks. Draw fandom stuff. Visit with friends. Fuzzle the cats. Sleep in. Watch crap movies. Kevin's threatening to make me watch ZARDOZ. That's the 1970's space dystopia where Sean Connery wears big red man panties. "The Gun is good! The Penis is evil!" It's bound to be a riot.

What's up with you and what's your favorite crap movie?
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So, most of you already know Kevin, my fiance. At the end of this month, he's getting on a bus for New York City to try and bring home some contracts through the Society for Children's Book Writers & Illustrators portfolio competition.

He's doing art commissions to raise money for the trip. (He's staying with friends, but food, the cost of attending, and getting his portfolio done up all NYC-bound-in-a-book style are big items).

He'll be taking commissions until the end of the month. Any character you like (for real people/animals/etc, MMO/RP characters, or OCs, please send a reference). You can check out his gallery for an idea of what he does here. He draws everything from scary to voluptuous to epic to mutant:

Here's the breakdown:

$10 per character B&W inked drawing
$20 per character full color in marker

plus 3$ for shipping the art to you (unless you're local and we can hand it to you). He will also be posting them on his deviantart account for all to see.

He has 20 slots open. He plans on shipping them all out before he leaves for NY on the 28th. If all 20 slots are filled and finished and he has time to do more, he will open an additional 5-10 slots.

1. Blake - Full color "Running Santa"
2. misi - Full color commission
3. crossing-dark - B&W "Cross" sketch
4. Cynlee - Full Color "Baby Leo"
5. comicalclare - Full Color "Swashbucking Nightcrawler"
6. comicalclare - Full Color "Ryo Kurosawa"
7. Susan - full color "Buster Keaton"
8. Susan - Full color "Illya Kuryakin"
9. skeletoncrew - Full color "A Girl Named Bob"
10. Kurt - Full color "Dark Knight VS Elf Girl"
11. Gamafort - Full Color "Ness from Earthbound"
12. lonym82 - Full Color " Layle from FF:CC Crystal Bearers"
13. Christina - Full Color Dazzler

To get on the list, send him an email at me at kevinbolk dot com and he'll hook you up with payment info. He accepts checks & Paypal.

Thank you to all the folks who have already purchased a commission. I cannot tell you how grateful we are for your support. I'm super-proud of him. His portfolio looks so sharp he's gonna cut somebody. Just like a real New Yorker. ;) Wish him luck!
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This Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, Kevin and I will be in some of y'all's backyard at AnimeUSA in Crystal City, Virginia. You can find us here:

Hope I to SEE some of you!

I got INTERVIEWED at Big Apple Comic Con by U Frag TV. Starting at minute 25, I'm on right after Lou Ferrigno. Damn, son! (I would have embedded it, but it auto-plays. Yuck.)

I've been interviewed by other folks from cons before, but UFragTV's the first to post the interview.

If I sound a little quavery and like I'm the daughter of the old MicroMachines guy it's cause they were doing the interview LIVE and I was told that I might get bumped at any moment for William Shatner. *nerd-gasm*

PHOTO-DUMP from Big Apple Comic Con 2009 )

Separate from all that, Kevin's got an ART SHOW!

I mentioned it in passing before, but he's got a huge gallery at the Greenbelt Arts Center. He did the logo, program, poster, and postcard design for their production of "Little Shop of Horrors. We saw it on opening weekend; it rocked. Hard. (We know the plant. Go Fred, Go!). If you're local, you've got until Thanksgiving weekend to see the play. The plant puppeteering rocks, Seymour fills out the role perfectly, and I loved the guy they had playing Mr. Mushnik.

Kevin's art will hang in the lobby of the theater through the end of their December play The Devil's Christmas Carol". You've got plenty of time to check out some original art, or any number of framed prints.
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well. my ethernet card is working, so i've got internets when kevin's not online, b/c we don't have a cable long enough to reach both his AND my computers, but! I have internets.

Sure, my office space is still an ungodly series of heaps, but i'm gonna eat some lunch, put on the bugle or rachel or keith, pull out some sharpie markers and my bundle of blank file folders and SORT THIS MUTHERFUCKER OUT.

So in brief, while i'm still wired:

1. NYC Comic Con = LOADS of fun. Very $$$-y, so we may not be back to that one for a few years, but when we're ready for it, we'll hit it like a crying kid in church. THANK YOU MIKE!!

2. Halloween = Awesomesauce. I dressed up as a Spink this year.

3. The Move = Hellish, but only if hell were underwater. THANK YOU to all the folks who rolled out 2 days in a row to help us move in the rain. We've discovered and repaired all the leaks in the new townhouse, with the exception of the one that seems to come from the upstairs tub.

4. Verizon = FULL OF STUPID. @(#$%&@#$()FCFJVXVJSE)R(##@()@@!!

5. My computer = FULL OF FAIL. Failed wireless drivers. Failed ethernet card drivers. Failed uninstalls that prevent failing installs. GRAHH!!! Thank you, Blake, for tinkering with the stupid thing and getting the ethernet card to work.

6. Kevin's Brother = Down a finger-tip. Kevin's poor brother lost the top of his right index finger to his dogs when he tried to stop them from fighting. The doctors could not re-attach the finger joint, but Darren's getting a prosthetic so he can keep playing guitar in his band. Brother's gal also got bitten while trying to break up the dog-fight, she's damaged, but recovering nicely. The one dog is fine. The other dog got stitches around her eye, is fine, and is getting a new home where she can be the only child. Both dogs are super sweet with people, but fight like cats in a sack around each other.

7. Kevin's Art Gallery = AWESOME SURPRISE! His work is being displayed and sold at the Greenbelt Arts Center in the lobby outside the community theater. We had been expecting to provide 'some pieces,' not 'frame and hang enough art to cover 42 feet of wall.' It worked out BEAUTIFULLY though and it's such a cool display!

8. Upcoming Convention appearance = ANIME USA in Crystal City, VA. On Nov 20-22.

So much more to say, but so much more to DO. I'm not dead--and I've not read or caught up on anything y'all've posted, but I look forward to it! :D
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On of those huge update posts. Most important stuff first.

I have been a needy, needy pest lately. "Come vote for the Tshirt design," "Proof my resumes," "Visit my webcomic," "Attend my conventions," "VALIDATE ME!!"

You have all borne this bitchery with marvelous forbearance and benevolent tolerance. Seriously. I picture my friends list as a pride of fiercest lions that lets me bat your tails and chew your ears even though I'm past the cute lion-cub stage and well into the awkward-teen-lion-why-the-fuck-isn't-she-hunting-her-own-meat-or-getting-a-damn-job-or-something age.

I don't say it enough for all the people who help me out so much. THANK YOU. THANK YOU. THANK YOU.

2. T-Shirt Update!
THANK YOU. No Really. I'm stupid fortunate for you guys and I know it.

It does not look like will be producing Kevin's Tshirt design, which is a shame, but does not stop him from submitting other, cooler designs in the future. Nor does it stop us from printing the design on our own budget later on, when we get a budget. ;)

3. Interrobang Studios had a successful SPX!
We attended the two day con in a larger group than usual. Blake, Sally, Kevin & I were there with Jade. There are photos under the cut for proof:

Proof under here )

4. We met cool people!
Awesometastic Folks under the cut )

5. Interrobang Studios has MORE CONVENTION APPEARANCES to announce!

October 10 & 11: Batimore Comic Con in Baltimore. Dur.

October 16, 17, & 18: Big Apple Comic Con in New York, NY!

TENTATIVE: November 7 & 8: King Con in Brooklyn, NY!

November 20-22: AnimeUSA in Arlington, VA.


With all those conventions AND the fact that we must vacate our Annapolis home by Oct 31... We're looking to do the move the weekend of October 24 & 25. I'll post more details in a locked post, but heads up--if you don't get our new address, but you should have it, PLEASE poke my comments here! Kevin and I still have our same cell phones and the same email addresses, but the place we keep our physical stuff will be relocating to Baltimore. I'm gonna send out an email too, just to make sure no one loses track of us!
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My fiance & primary artist for our fledgling comics studio, Kevin Bolk, has submitted a t-shirt design to

Threadless only prints t-shirts (and pays life-sustaining $$$) for designs that pass their 7 day scoring. If you'd like to see this shirt on the street or in your closet--or perhaps you'd like to do a good deed for the day--please vote "5" for this shirt:

Vegetarian Zombie - Threadless T-shirts, Nude No More

It will ask you to sign up for a free threadless account so it can track your votes, but I'm hoping (pleading?) that one teensy activation email wouldn't stand between you and a good deed. A really good deed. A feeding-our-tiny-family-style good deed. This is where I line up my four cats and cue Sally Struthers.

...fer real. An email & high vote. PLEASE. I've not found a new job yet. We need this.

And in case that's not selfish enough? If you really like the shirt? Post the vote link on your websites, forums, journals, & blogs. After you vote, there'll be an embeddable code generated on the right-hand side of the page near the bottom.

We can has a viral?

(Regardless of your voting/posting, thank you for reading!)

SPX 2009 is in Bethesda, MD on Sept 26 & 27
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Kevin's Birthday

If I didn't call you personally, you're still invited. You can get details from me, Becky, Sally, or any number of non-Kevin people. I just can't post them here where he will read them.

Look for an email and pass along the word to Kevin's other folks!
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Took a moment from my homework to install the drivers for my brand-new, second-hand scanner that Kevin gave me! :D This image is for Kevin, who pioneered Michaelangelo's "Fat Elvis" stage in his sketch books long before I uncovered these cards.

Mike's 'Fat Elvis' Period

Oh those ZANY Japanese!
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Ooooo! Aaaaah! Delight and awe! AND it's not the kind of ring that slowly consumes your eternal soul while calling out to its Dark Lord and bringing all the creatures of the foul abyss down on your head like a thunderous horde of Baltimore City Pigeons.

It's just shiny!

There's gonna be more pictures. Some dull, some pretty, some kinda gross. You take your chances if you read below.

EDIT: Plant is Aucuba Japonica and according to at least one website, it has some mild medicinal properties. It can be made into a poultice for burns, swelling, and chillblains. It can also be cooked and eaten. Nothing about eating it raw. Sally? Does your mother need a plant? end EDIT

There's something wrong with Kitty. )

There will be another post fairly soon detailing all the stuff i've suddenly realized MUST HAPPEN before i go back to school on Jan 17th. But that's gonna be a list post. One of those 'Oh-My-Eyes-NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!' lists of everything and anything i can possibly think to stress about. Mostly b/c i haven't done that recently enough and i'm kinda feeling relaxed. And we can't have that. ;)
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