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Kevin and I are guests at T-MODE in Rockville, MD for the weekend of April 15-17. IT IS A CHARITY SHOW. Every badge purchased is an American Red Cross Donation to the relief efforts in Japan.

Kevin and I are so proud and excited to participate in TMODE this year. We'll be running 6 workshops, so if you ever wanted to hear us talk AND support an important cause, this is the show to visit. The hotel is right off the Washington Metro TwinBrook station!

Also the studio will be Sneak-premiering our new book Daddy Daugther Ninja Day: My First Ninja Training Manual before its launch at AnimeBoston this year.

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Son & his friend B found us at Zenkaikon! They were both super-sweet. Son is an up-and-coming voice actor, and he was kind enough to film the creepy Weegees that were lurking around our booth. They scared the crap out of people. ;P Check out his video here! (Thanks, Son!)

WOOOoooo... All that and we're gearing up for

at the exact same time!

And when I say we're "GEARING UP," I mean it. AB will be the first show where we have a DEALER'S ROOM space. We're going back to press on older books. We're restocking the Weegie shirts. We're debuting the Spinks With Hats. We're officially launching the Ninja Book. We've got brand new display furniture and we'll have our INTERRO-GIRL booth-cutie as both the red bell-hop Interr0-girl and as the live-action ENSIGN SUE!

P.S. I went after a promotion recently, and while I did not get the department management position, I was chosen for Assistant Manager! Things are looking up.
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Kevin's headed up to Pittsburgh this week for

He'll be running an artist alley table and a workshop on gesture drawing and expressions during the March 31-April 3 show. If you're in the neighborhood, be sure to say HI! :D

Since he'll be rolling out this week, I've put the finishing touches on the Zenkaikon photos. We had an amazing time!


In news closer to home, I applied for my boss' job and had my interview. The interview itself went very well. I'm told that the decision regarding the boss' job will be reached as soon as March 31st, perhaps in the week after that. So, I alternate wildly between ridiculous Chihuahua-levels of anxiety and anticipation and willful obliviousness. If I don't think about it, it'll get here soon enough. Surely sweating about it is the least 'managerial' thing I could do. Gotta stay cool. Either I get it or I don't. No point in freaking.

Not about the job anyways.

LOL. Kevin can tell you that I'm five flavors of basket case about the studio right now. We'll be sinking so much money and effort into AnimeBoston. It's one of the biggest financial risks we've ever taken with the studio. It's less than a month away, and let me tell you internets, I'm fit to be tied.

I do tend to work better when there's a fire under my ass though and I'm burnin' up right now!
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Maybe. Goodness knows it's been bumping the 'black' on the Store's bank-books up and up! We started slow today, but i've had a number of folks come in and just drop several hundred $$ on comics and such. Must be nice, huh?

I've made almost NO progress on my lists of 'things what NEED DOING.' I'm hoping that when i go home tonight, i will be inspired to great heights of 'accomplishing shit.' Otherwise, you guys get to listen to the high-pitched whine of one of my freak-outs again.

Thanksgiving night, I called the west-coast family for the first time since i called my one aunt during those fires. They all made it through safe, and we glad to hear from me in a non-emergency context. I guess it's easier to keep people out of your thoughts when you've had no contact with them. Out of sight, out of mind is true for me, i suppose. (Though i'm really not proud of that). My 'little cousin' J is a grown man. My 'little cousin' E. is getting her bachelor's degree. My 'little Cousins' V & R are on their junior and sophomore years in college. And I disappeared out of their lives for pretty much a solid 10 years. R doesn't know me very well at all--she doesn't care either. V might still remember me fondly, but I doubt i gave her any sleepless nights.

E & J, though? We'd been close. Best friends i'd had in the family. And it's almost like i'd decided they were dead or something. Dad's the one i would WANT to cut out of my life--but i bet i think of him way more often than I ever did them. Which is both sad and wrong.

Talking to them, i feel like some one stepped out of all those old family photos i've been sorting and said, 'hey! over here! we're not GONE!' Which... is pretty damn awesome. And makes putting away those photos so much happier than just the bittersweet chore it had been.

If you're one of the local people i've pushed to help me with the photo-albums, i'm sorry. I pretty much didn't wanna do it alone. All those people are dead... and living out here on the east coast, i'm the only person who remembers them. It seemed vital that i not be the only one to know about them. Now, there's people in there who ALSO know the deceased. Who aren't dead either--AND don't feel like dead people to me. It's really a liberating feeling.

I'm so very thankful I can still make those phone calls and reach them.

gonna write out the special orders for the store, and match up the stuff that's come in for folks. then i'll move onto that scholarship stuff. I will get things done. Promise.

I miss [ profile] lindentreeisle and [ profile] melannen terribly.
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I'm back. I'm home. I'm not eaten by bears.

I put a whole bunch of pictures up in my lj gallery with captions. I'll give you a link to the gallery with the picture down below here to spare your friends' list pages the full batch of them.

There's 3 pages of photos in the gallery, so be sure to flip!
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So, since this was the last weekend before Halloween AND the local 'halloween festival' right across the street from the comic book store where i work...

My friends and I did a STAR WARS COSTUMING GROUP! We handed out free comics to the trick-or-treating kids, waved at honking traffic, and got our pictures taken with many, MANY people.

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