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Geez, you can't rely on me for squat when it comes to staying in contact with these journal things.

Kevin and I are doing well. Since last I posted:

1. Been in a car wreck. My passengers & I are all fine. We were rear-ended at a stoplight, so the whole thing is not our fault and everyone's insurance is fighting it out. We've been paid minus the deductible, so they can take their time.

2. Got a new car. The old one's bumper rolled up into its trunk and it had no tail lights.

3. Got a promotion at work. I'm handling a huge new account. Then I got moved over to a different huge new account b/c things keep changing at work. Unsettling, but my job is secure, so I'll roll with it.

4. Concluded 2010 convention season with 17 shows in 12 months under our belt. Liked it well enough that we've booked 22+ new conventions for 2011. We've done 3 so far and the fourth is coming up in mid-March. You can see all of our confirmed shows at the new page on our website: Convention Appearances. We've only put up the ones that are 100% solid.

5. We're getting invited to shows as guests now--Zenkaikon has invited us to their show in March! It'll run March 18, 19, & 20 in King of Prussia, PA--a Philadelphia suburb and swanky neighborhood. Oo La la!

6. Back in mid-February, Kevin and I went off to Katsucon, where Kevin was a guest for their webcomics section & I was a volunteer. We had a grand time, met awesome people, floated like butterflies, and stung like bees, cause that's what you do. I took a ton of photos! )

So yeah, we had a sensational time. In no small part due to the herculean efforts of the staff at Katsucon. Kris, Danny, Liz, Moria, you guys were 100% solid gold. Thank you!

P.S. I'm so far behind on everything, but I swear I read my comments. Y'all're busy bees--and I hope you're doing well right now. Heck, I'm just gonna ask. How're you doing?
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1. The yard sale was an enormous success.
2. I broke my ankle.
3. The doctors say I've gotta keep my ankle immobilized for 6 weeks.
4. Since it will bear weight, I've been given an inflatable moon-boot-style cast. MOON-BOOT!

No Quiches, Please. God, it still hurts...

Details for FOURTH OF JULY!! )
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June 21 Yard Sale

Come sell your stuff with us.

Details Schmetails )

Also, stay tuned for further details about the July 4th TENT-STRAVAGANZA! True freedom is the freedom to pitch tents in your own damn yard. VIVA LA TENTS!
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I should have posted sooner, no doubt. The fact that i did not is however, indicative of--and consistent with, the general trend of things.

You see... I been busy. And? I'm probably gonna stay busy for a while. And the idea of being AS busy as i have been in a continuing manner makes makes my blood run cold if i think about it too long. Hence, journal post!~

All this babbling is me trying to get some perspective on 'things' and put the panic back into the box. )

LOTTO TICKET WINNERS PLEASE SEND $$. Even 20$ for my gas tank would be appreciated.
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