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a short post for thought gathering.

Things I did today )

Things I will do tomorrow )
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Boring. )
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READ: TT sections 26, & 38.
READ: OA Chapter 3.
READ: M-3 Chapters 10 & 11.
READ: 111 Chapters 15 & 2.
READ: 111 Interview & Resume Skills

ESI 103 Homeworks # 3, 4, & 5.
ESI 103 Entrepreneur Report.
ESI 104 Article Report.
ESI 104 Presentation # 2.
ESI 104 Chapters 10 & 11 Outlines.
BPA 111 Chapter 2 # 1 - 4, 9, 12, & C2-1.
BPA 111 Resume & minimum of 5 Assessments.
Stock for Project from the NYSE

FOLD: Laundry

PAY: Credit Card Bill

TMNT Community #1
TMNT Community #2
TMNT Community #3

Green Alien Head
TMNT Community #2 Volunteers
TMNT Community #3 as a Volunteer

TMNT Comics For Sale From Private Collection (duplicates.)
Tags in TMNT Journal
Memories in TMNT Journal

LJ photos to photobucket account
TMNT art update
Partners In Care Ebay Photos
ESI 103 Photos to new photobucket account

...there are many other things, but if i post them all, i'll get overwhelmed. This is enough for the next week. I'm so much less stressed right now. Even with this list. Kevin is made of awesome, b/c he's taking my hours at work tomorrow. I'll be able to get this stuff DONE! :D!

But I'm gonna start on them tonight. ;) Look for real-time strike-throughs as i complete task after task! WOO!
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Oh yes. That's me. QUEEN OF GETTIN" SHIT DONE! booya!

Today was a long-ass sunday at the store. Which is a major contradiction in terms b/c sunday's our shortest day. We had maybe 9 customers (typical). What was ATYPICAL were the PILES OF ACCUMULATED DROSS... no really, we were doing so well for a while there. Then the semester just went FOOSH! and the workload went WOOSH! and the health went SROOOSH! and boom. the store looked like jabba the hutt's asshole.

I'm terribly pleased b/c after 5 hours of straightening, neatening, sortening, and cleanening... i FOUND THE PATH TO THE BACK DOOR! (not jabba's back door, i figure there's prolly some kind of statute about mentioning a hutt's asshole more than once in any given lj post.) Kevin will see when he gets into work tomorrow. The store has been REstored! And on the shortest day of the work week.

I called my cousin, he's gonna call back tomorrow and lemme know when and where to pick up the parts required for repairing the liberal mobile. There's talk of 'getting most of it done' on this next Sunday. Cousin seems to think that the $600 total raised will cover most all of the repairs (minus windshield. Sorry, Kevin... that's gonna be around $200. but i think you can do that, right?)

I've arranged to take Monday off entirely, so study can continue... this Tuesday I've got my finals for both accounting and business Statistics. Since i can have a cheat sheet for accounting, i'll be finishing the study for THAT up tonight and wiping out said 'cheat sheet.' I get to spend monday doing the remaining laundry and vacuuming.... AND doing my least fave subject: STATS. pbbbt.

all in all, things are looking good. I'm afraid i've lost track of all the things i've promised to do once 'the semester was over' ...but as soon as it IS, i'm sure i'll re-discover them double-quick. This both excites and distresses me.

I'm tempted to hit my 'to do' list... but i will be strong. I know what i must do tonight, and it's name is "ACCOUNTING." (i'll allow myself a congratulatory lj post about the store, b/c believe you me, it was NASTY.)


(and yes, dee, we DO need some kind of schedule.)
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I'm using the "TO DO" list feature, b/c frankly, the only place i can ALWAYS get to is ONLINE. So, no matter where i am or what i'm doing, I can pop onto good ol' LJ and see just what's fixing to fall on my head.

This is my List.

a couple things:

1. Please note that there's no mention of my birthday celebrations or plans. No mention of when i'm supposed to ink strips. No talk of when I'm slated to sleep. And just no space in there for LIVING. So, if i don't see too much of you in the next little bit, it's not that i don't love you. Bear with me til the end of the spring semester. I'm NOT taking classes this summer. I'd been up in the air about it, but this list seals it. no class. fuck that.

2. If you see anything i'm MISSING from that list... things i've promised you... things i've mentioned... things that SHOULD be there but arent... please pipe up. I'm especially interested in nailing down some kind of inking schedule. It's not in there b/c i don't know where the hell to put it.

and a side note on #1. ...i did want to go roller skating for my birthday. but i'm fine with putting it off til june. you see... there's so much STUFF to do! *runs off in twelve different directions, but mostly towards all that business stats homework!*
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okay. so i'm gonna post to honest_eats, and put a list together. Tomorrow is for MAJOR butt-kicking of items on the TO-DO list. It's grown stupidly long and i punted all i can afford to punt tonight.

Proof of puntery?

check out the new mood icon theme.
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I "had Thursday off."

I KNOW i did. My calendar tells me so. and yet... i've not managed to do ONE damn thing i promised i would do with my spare time today! Except for one thing: Getting Berlioz and Visas Murr to the vet.

Kitty report!

Visas Murr:
1. NEGATIVE for feline Leukemia and other badness! yaaay! she's being socialized with my other cats now.

2. Her eyes are MUCH less swollen, but her inner eye-lid is still tightly closed over the fairly deep sockets. So the doctor still can't tell me what's up with her peepers. We'll finish up the course of eye-goo treatments and try again on the 15th of July. Maybe she will have not only ceased the swelling thing (this is going well) but also OPENED her eyes all the way (not so likely.)

3. IF we cannot see that other eye, the Doc (who's a general practice small animals vet) wants to send me to a kitty optomologist. Not that Visas will get glasses or anything, but the doc feels that what we're looking at is microphthalmia-- where the eyes of a kitten are unformed or undersized, but there ARE lumps of flesh present that could be eyes. ANOphthalmia is the more severe form, and there would be no eyes. But yes. With microphthalmia, there can be painful complications (depending on the level of development the eyes have.) The optomologist would be better able to tell me if Visas' tear ducts are completely functional, if she would be prone to infections, or if she's going to have problems with detaching retnas, slipped lenses or other badness.

4. Visas is gaining weight in a healthy, steady way.

5. She's alert and playful...and likes to climb. She's better at UP than DOWN.


1. Got his rabies vaccine and a clean bill of health.

2. Needs a tooth cleaning, since he's up to his eyeballs in tartar (metaphorically of course) and has a bleeding spot on his tooth. Kitty may need a filling.

3. He's also overweight. Officially. I've been advised to switch to a lower-calorie cat food. Which is of course, more expensive. *sigh* it's like people food. If it's good for you? it's PRICEY. but i know looking at Yzma, SHE could stand to lose some weight too. so I'm resigned to dumping more $$ on catfood.

There are pictures. They're on my computer. and One of the 500 things that I just didn't have time for today was to resize them so i could post them either on photobucket or in a gallery here on Livejournal or something.

Things that remain un-done:

1. kitty pictures.
2. rpg forum posting.
3. next chapter of the fanfic.
4. cleaning the downstairs bathroom.
5. vacuuming my room.
6. calling the U of B academic advisors and getting the actual list of requirements for what i WANT for my major.
7. drawing stuff for several people.
8. Tshirt design promised my friend Rachel.
9. doing more lj icons of ?! characters.

and about 20 other things that are on the to-do list on my desk... which, i'm at "the studio" ...which is just the working half of kevin's bedroom in the basement.

His nap is over! time to go back to work. i've got INKINGS to do!

See y'all!
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