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Kevin and I are rolling out to NEW YORK CITY the week after next! We'll be at the NEW YORK COMIC CON & NEW YORK ANIME FEST.

Thursday, October 13 through Sunday October 16.

If you happen to be going too, here's Two important things to help you find us at the show:

1. We're in the ANIME FEST artist alley, table D13. The Anime Fest's Artist Alley is on the 4th floor, overlooking the main NYCC Show floor.

2. They took our Interrobang Studios application and put it under Kevin's name. Look for KEVIN BOLK in your program and on maps.

This is the second-to-last show we'll be doing this year, and certainly the one furtherest north. Our last show will be AnimeUSA in November in Crystal City, Virgina. That's snuggled right up next to Washington DC. You might have spotted all the art Kevin did for them this year. He's a GUEST!

It's a good thing that the end of the year starts slowing down for us. I'm tryin' not to lose my marbles.

The promotion at work has been a good, good thing--but funny enough, they expect me to do more work. Heh. Who knew, right?

We've had 5 conventions in 4 weeks. Two of them were on the same weekend! (Kevin went west with a helper & I did the local show.) Add that into the day job, the 4 webcomics, and all the silly stuff that just happens (broke my glasses, kthnx, universe. Wearing an old perscription is totally the kind of headache I needed!), and WOOF.

I cannot wait to have a slow weekend. Do laundry. Whip up a few Spinks. Draw fandom stuff. Visit with friends. Fuzzle the cats. Sleep in. Watch crap movies. Kevin's threatening to make me watch ZARDOZ. That's the 1970's space dystopia where Sean Connery wears big red man panties. "The Gun is good! The Penis is evil!" It's bound to be a riot.

What's up with you and what's your favorite crap movie?
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Okay. So:

1. Life is amazing.

2. SIMON PEGG TWEETED MY FIANCE'S COMIC OMG Like seriously, the man I love, Kevin Bolk, and my dear friend, Clare Moseley, collaborated as an artist/writer team and made Ensign Sue Must Die which is a 32-strip web-mini-comic posted on dA under Clare's account and on Kevin and my studio webcomics site. And since today's strip has Simon Pegg as Scotty... OH GOD TWEETED BY SIMON PEGG *flail!*

3. I put off preparing for Artscape until the last minute. ha ha ha. But our first wave of books are back from the printer and our second set will be ready Wednesday. Gotta get our print inventory sorted and restocked, arrange transport/booth folks/booth supplies, and get our accounting straight!

JULY 16, 17, & 18 - We'll be at spot E088 on this map. MAP!!

4. NOT gonna put off prepping for Otakon! MEET ME THERE. HERE'S A MAP. No, really, scroll down. We're the red booth that doesn't move around. OOOOOOOOOTAAAAAAAAAKOOOOOON!!

We should have our Weegie Shirts by then. They've agreed to let me teach a workshop on running an artist alley table at the con! It's tentatively scheduled for Saturday in the late afternoon (Artist Alley 101) but may run again on Sunday morning if they need me at 9am!

(As an aside, have you seen my Fiance's other parody strips? That's where the shirt is from. You can find all his parody strips on our website under the brand new Pot Luck Comics section. All our original stuff is on the main site.)

5. Job is good. Meeting loads of cool artists, reading lots of comic books, and I'm very happy. I tend to work late and I know I'm not paid very well, but being happy counts for SO MUCH.
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The Windup Comic Fest is a one-day sequential art event, held twice a year in Baltimore at The Windup Space. Indie comic book artists and comic book stores set up shop for an afternoon of comic awesomeness.

There is no cover charge. The Windup Comics Fest is an all-ages event. Alcohol is available for guests 21 and older. Parking is on-street, or in one of two nearby garages.

MAY 22, 2010. 2pm - 7pm. 12 West North Avenue, Baltimore, MD 21201

P.S. Vendor Space still Available. Check the website for details.
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First... Dr. Watson's Internal Monologue for all my Holmes Homies.

Second... Tuesday, I will go grocery shopping.

Third... Have a cat.

I have nothing else important to say. However, if you draw me a criminal animal, I will draw you its accomplice. If you have fun doing this, post it to your journal and see what kind of animal crime wave you get in your comments. They cannot be reasoned with! They are not human!
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