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I had a great birthday weekend--Kevin and I talked almost non-stop at T-MODE, danced in the artist alley, and kidnapped a video room to show old episodes of the PAW PAW BEARS, Cartoon All Stars To The Rescue, and Snow White Meets The Harlem Globetrotters. Also Kevin bought me a Ninja Turtle Snuggie so that I could be a ninja-fleece-wizard.

We're going to be in the DEALER'S ROOM at booth #543, which may be in the back, but it's easy to find by the bathrooms. Look for 8'x10' of Interrobang glitz cause you're not likely to miss us.

Look for our BRAND NEW book: Daddy Daughter Ninja Day and be on the look-out for a special guest appearance of ENSIGN SUE in person!
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Kevin's Birthday

If I didn't call you personally, you're still invited. You can get details from me, Becky, Sally, or any number of non-Kevin people. I just can't post them here where he will read them.

Look for an email and pass along the word to Kevin's other folks!
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[ profile] enemy_anime, [ profile] darkschneider, and I were all born within a week or so of each other! So rather than have one pretty cool and two kinda half-assed parties for you people, we're gonna throw ONE AMAZING BLAST.

Things kick off at 6pm, but we're cool with you guys showing up whenever you can. If you wanna eat or drink anything, you'll have to bring it. Or convince some one else to. I'm not sure we even coordinated cake an' ice cream. Perhaps this isn't such an 'amazing blast' after all.

None-the-less! It is what it is! So bring meats and cheeses and glorious fluids! There will be games and movies and two cats for woobling purposes.

In lieu of 'presents' this year, I'll be taking pledges to help me assemble the family photo-albums. Failing that, I like crayons and coloring books.

Come to the party. We have a bullet-proof Truffle Shuffle.

Ping! Ping!
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There is a party on the 19th. If you are local, and I don't manage to post my funny-picture invitation tomorrow, poke me about it!

Oh and the new job is made of excellence!

It's also very, very time consuming... so I'm bailing on my rpgs. And that makes me a sad panda. But then i look at my job, and my friends, and my family, and the good things that have flooded my life in great measure... And I can gracefully retire from some RPG without too much fuss. In exchange for what I have, they are the smallest of prices to pay.
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hello. this is your friendly neighborhood Sarah.

I am back from the camping! The camping was stupendously awesome. Happy Birthday, [ profile] melannen--your choice in celebrations did surely rock.

i've been a limp noodle since i got home, but let us speak of the joys of the tweedling birdies and the cheappelling buggies.

I am a chartreuse buzzard, sitting in, a dead tree. )
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1. two exams were in the bag, one was on the line... and i got my grades back and i've got straight A's for another semester. Go Me! And THANK YOU for all the support and good vibes i've gotten from y'all over the course of the semester. Especially Kevin. He talked me down out of an embarrassing number of tizzies.

2. I got another scholarship. (the one mentioned weeks ago was need-based). This one is b/c of efforts on my part. I got a $600 grant from Senator LeGrange, Sr. renewal for up to four years. Woo! thank you, Senator.


4. Kevin's car parts have been purchased and will be installed either this wed or the next. La. Total repairs (including windshield, windshield installation, and new tires) all came in at under $700. Way to go guys. We did it! :D

5. ... um... it's late and i'm going to bed.
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Kevin's birthday of bouncing was a marvelous success, and i wanna thank you guys for helping it happen.

We raised over $500 to go towards the car repairs. Here's what the semi-final results on the car were:

1. Firestone says the following things were wrong:
a. front engine mount going.
b. multiple oil leaks.
c. tie rods going.
d. alignment shot.
e. tires wearing oddly and badly.
f. needs new oil and air filters.
g. etc.

2. Firestone's estimate of $1600 dollars did not cover the broken windshield--they do engine and brake work, not body work.
a. So the cost of the windshield is not included in the $1600.
b. The cost of installing the windshield and removing the old one is also not included.

3. We got the estimate from Firestone b/c my Cousin manages that branch and is a certified mechanic.
a. He used the professional lift there to really get a good inspection.
b. He will use his employee discount to purchase the parts required.
c. He will work on Kevin's car in his own driveway.
d. He was already talking to people he knew about buying a windshield for one of HIS cars--buying 2 will insure a bargain.
e. This will not cost the insane amount it would normally cost.

4. I will talk to him this weekend and get HIS estimate, now that he has spoken with his windshield dealer.

5. We will book a time for Kevin to get the life-threatening portions of his car fixed ASAP.

There were some folks who, through a confluence of events were unable to attend, but still wished to donate to the cause. The paypal account is minkersmoo at g mail dot com.

...Though in all honesty, we've already FAR exceeded my or anyone else's expectations.

You guys have been awesome! Look for pictures from the party shortly. Andy and Bowie were excellent cameramen. :D
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okay, buck-o's. the reply to this... even to tell me NO, you can't make it... has been abysmal. In fact, since so many folks DIDN"T get back to me, (and I was out with Kevin when we found what he wanted to DO for his b-day), there's no point in me trying to be subtle at ALL--so fuck the 'non-kevin-party filter.' You all get to hear it.

(as an aside,those of you who DID respond Rock My World.)

THIS FRIDAY NIGHT:: movie night. cheap food. cheaper date. We're not even going out. We're gonna sit on our asses, eat popcorn and ice cream, and watch whatever movies Kevin's pointy little heart desires.

THIS SATURDAY MORNING:: FLEA MARKETS AND YARD SALES!! We'll be leaving the Bolk house at 8am to go junking. This will last us until 4pmish if we're lucky. Lunch will be a 'grab as we go' affair.

THIS SATURDAY LATE AFTERNOON/EVENING:: a pleasant lull in activities...Maybe a little art-play or something, perhaps a nice nap to rest up for what will be the HIGHLIGHT of the EVENING!! ...

THIS SATURDAY NIGHT:: 8:45 PM MEETING AT THE BOLK HOUSE!! We will carpool to THIS. That's right... over 2000 square feet of inflatable slides, moon bounces, obstacle courses, and gladiatorial arenas.

If you were THINKING that you should WORK, or stay home, or polish your spoon collection, i'm afraid those plans must change. Get your babysitters. Get your doggysitters. Get your Kittysitters. Get your World-of-Warcraft AVATARsitters. Make a note to call in sick to work or whatever. B/c we're gonna all go and bounce around. We will have the place to ourselves: PRIVATE PARTY!!! No small children (unless you bring one). Eat a light meal before we go... you won't want anything heavy, and cake/birthday spankings will be done at Kevin's house when we're done at the Bounce Zone. We'll be there from 9pm to 11:30 pm. 2.5 hours of BOUNCE!

Lyuda? Barbie? Blake? Andy? Ellen? Matt? Katy? Kurt? Daniel? do NOT bail on me, PLEASE.

To cover the cost of said moon bounce, i'm asking for 10-15$ per person...whatever you can spare... if we have at least 15 of us (Sally, Kevin, Sarah, Blue, Katy?, Bowie, Roxy, Kurt, Darren?, Daniel, Sean, Tim?, Hawk?, Serge?, Max?, Holly?, Barbie?, Blake?, Matt?, Andy?, Ellen?, Lyuda?, James?, Lindsay?, Paul?, Kev?...) we'll cover the cost of the party no sweat. The 'gift' is still contributions towards Kevin's car repairs, so this is prolly the EASIEST Kevin Birthday on Record.

THIS SUNDAY Recuperation. More movies. Playing with any toys we bought at the yard sales on Saturday morning. Pointing and laughing at the Video tape made of Kevin bounding around with giant inflatable boxing gloves. (perhaps moving this over to the store, since i must work from noon til 5pm... dunno.)

That is all. Thank you for your attention. Please mark your calendars and REPLY HERE. RSVP, ASAP!!!!!
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Kevin's birthday is the 25th. (I'm sure you knew that.)


(all day)

(morning/early afternoon)

are the days/times i would like to target for celebration. This is short notice. I know. I'm not being subtle this year. Send an Email (yancyyancyyancy at hot mail dot com)/REPLY TO THIS SCREENED COMMENTS POST!! and i will add you to the "birthday contact list."

He requested for his birthday that we fix up his liberal-mobile as a gift. I'll be taking it in on Tues the 24th for an estimate. (Yes, Kevin knows, b/c i can't just swipe his car.) When i know the total, i'll be passing the hat! Hopefully, we can get his death-trap-mobile fixed up. :D If you are on the birthday contact list, you'll hear details.

If you don't care about the total or the details but just wanna send him 25 cents to get the car fixed... i've got a paypal account. Contribute to minkersmoo at g mail dot com via paypal, and mark it FOR KEVIN.

Please spread the word, if you know of any of his friends that do NOT have access to lj, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE EMAIL THEM.
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