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Interrobang Studios (Kevin Bolk's & my webcomics site) has been growing. Growing well enough that we're competing for a quarter million dollar small business grant.

We're looking to take on more artists, provide a channel for comics & business education, and develop a creator-supporting digital publishing hub. Simply put, our goal is to significantly increase the percentage of amazing talent that gets paid for sharing their time, effort, and creativity with all us online comics readers.

Here's a comic about who we are and how you can help! )

We're asking folks visit Mission Small Business, click "Login & Support" to login with your facebook account, then type "Interrobang Studios" in the search field, and click "Vote" when our listing appears.

If you do not have a facebook, do not feel comfortable logging into the Mission Small Business website, or just want to do more to spread the word, please consider re-posting the comic or the video below as a signal boost!

The link to the YouTube video dubbed-version of the comic.
(Dub-comic generously donated by Hathorliderc & his Talented Team of voice actors.)
The link to Kevin's comic on DeviantArt.

Kevin and I could not be more grateful for the enormous outpouring of support we've seen from our fans, our friends, our family, and even complete strangers who just like our idea. We've surpassed the minimum qty of votes needed for the competition, and are now trying to knock the socks of the judges with our vote count. My socks are already well-knocked by our vote count, but we do have until June 30th to garner as many as we can.

So, thank you, whether you read, vote, or share. Thank you very much!
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Kevin and I are rolling out to NEW YORK CITY the week after next! We'll be at the NEW YORK COMIC CON & NEW YORK ANIME FEST.

Thursday, October 13 through Sunday October 16.

If you happen to be going too, here's Two important things to help you find us at the show:

1. We're in the ANIME FEST artist alley, table D13. The Anime Fest's Artist Alley is on the 4th floor, overlooking the main NYCC Show floor.

2. They took our Interrobang Studios application and put it under Kevin's name. Look for KEVIN BOLK in your program and on maps.

This is the second-to-last show we'll be doing this year, and certainly the one furtherest north. Our last show will be AnimeUSA in November in Crystal City, Virgina. That's snuggled right up next to Washington DC. You might have spotted all the art Kevin did for them this year. He's a GUEST!

It's a good thing that the end of the year starts slowing down for us. I'm tryin' not to lose my marbles.

The promotion at work has been a good, good thing--but funny enough, they expect me to do more work. Heh. Who knew, right?

We've had 5 conventions in 4 weeks. Two of them were on the same weekend! (Kevin went west with a helper & I did the local show.) Add that into the day job, the 4 webcomics, and all the silly stuff that just happens (broke my glasses, kthnx, universe. Wearing an old perscription is totally the kind of headache I needed!), and WOOF.

I cannot wait to have a slow weekend. Do laundry. Whip up a few Spinks. Draw fandom stuff. Visit with friends. Fuzzle the cats. Sleep in. Watch crap movies. Kevin's threatening to make me watch ZARDOZ. That's the 1970's space dystopia where Sean Connery wears big red man panties. "The Gun is good! The Penis is evil!" It's bound to be a riot.

What's up with you and what's your favorite crap movie?
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We had an awesome time at Anime Boston, and hope to do it again next year. Photos & VIDEOS are posted beneath the 5 new Convention appearance announcements.

We've just gotten confirmation from FIVE MORE SHOWS!

May 20 - 22 in Rosemont, IL (right next to Chicago)

May 27 - 29 in Raleigh, NC

July 29 - 30 in Baltimore, MD

August 19 - 21 in Columbus, OH. where Kevin is a GUEST!

September 16 -18 in Rockville, MD

AS PROMISED, Photos & Videos )
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I had a great birthday weekend--Kevin and I talked almost non-stop at T-MODE, danced in the artist alley, and kidnapped a video room to show old episodes of the PAW PAW BEARS, Cartoon All Stars To The Rescue, and Snow White Meets The Harlem Globetrotters. Also Kevin bought me a Ninja Turtle Snuggie so that I could be a ninja-fleece-wizard.

We're going to be in the DEALER'S ROOM at booth #543, which may be in the back, but it's easy to find by the bathrooms. Look for 8'x10' of Interrobang glitz cause you're not likely to miss us.

Look for our BRAND NEW book: Daddy Daughter Ninja Day and be on the look-out for a special guest appearance of ENSIGN SUE in person!
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Kevin and I are guests at T-MODE in Rockville, MD for the weekend of April 15-17. IT IS A CHARITY SHOW. Every badge purchased is an American Red Cross Donation to the relief efforts in Japan.

Kevin and I are so proud and excited to participate in TMODE this year. We'll be running 6 workshops, so if you ever wanted to hear us talk AND support an important cause, this is the show to visit. The hotel is right off the Washington Metro TwinBrook station!

Also the studio will be Sneak-premiering our new book Daddy Daugther Ninja Day: My First Ninja Training Manual before its launch at AnimeBoston this year.

Tekkoshocon Photos Under here! )

Son & his friend B found us at Zenkaikon! They were both super-sweet. Son is an up-and-coming voice actor, and he was kind enough to film the creepy Weegees that were lurking around our booth. They scared the crap out of people. ;P Check out his video here! (Thanks, Son!)

WOOOoooo... All that and we're gearing up for

at the exact same time!

And when I say we're "GEARING UP," I mean it. AB will be the first show where we have a DEALER'S ROOM space. We're going back to press on older books. We're restocking the Weegie shirts. We're debuting the Spinks With Hats. We're officially launching the Ninja Book. We've got brand new display furniture and we'll have our INTERRO-GIRL booth-cutie as both the red bell-hop Interr0-girl and as the live-action ENSIGN SUE!

P.S. I went after a promotion recently, and while I did not get the department management position, I was chosen for Assistant Manager! Things are looking up.
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Kevin's headed up to Pittsburgh this week for

He'll be running an artist alley table and a workshop on gesture drawing and expressions during the March 31-April 3 show. If you're in the neighborhood, be sure to say HI! :D

Since he'll be rolling out this week, I've put the finishing touches on the Zenkaikon photos. We had an amazing time!


In news closer to home, I applied for my boss' job and had my interview. The interview itself went very well. I'm told that the decision regarding the boss' job will be reached as soon as March 31st, perhaps in the week after that. So, I alternate wildly between ridiculous Chihuahua-levels of anxiety and anticipation and willful obliviousness. If I don't think about it, it'll get here soon enough. Surely sweating about it is the least 'managerial' thing I could do. Gotta stay cool. Either I get it or I don't. No point in freaking.

Not about the job anyways.

LOL. Kevin can tell you that I'm five flavors of basket case about the studio right now. We'll be sinking so much money and effort into AnimeBoston. It's one of the biggest financial risks we've ever taken with the studio. It's less than a month away, and let me tell you internets, I'm fit to be tied.

I do tend to work better when there's a fire under my ass though and I'm burnin' up right now!
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Geez, you can't rely on me for squat when it comes to staying in contact with these journal things.

Kevin and I are doing well. Since last I posted:

1. Been in a car wreck. My passengers & I are all fine. We were rear-ended at a stoplight, so the whole thing is not our fault and everyone's insurance is fighting it out. We've been paid minus the deductible, so they can take their time.

2. Got a new car. The old one's bumper rolled up into its trunk and it had no tail lights.

3. Got a promotion at work. I'm handling a huge new account. Then I got moved over to a different huge new account b/c things keep changing at work. Unsettling, but my job is secure, so I'll roll with it.

4. Concluded 2010 convention season with 17 shows in 12 months under our belt. Liked it well enough that we've booked 22+ new conventions for 2011. We've done 3 so far and the fourth is coming up in mid-March. You can see all of our confirmed shows at the new page on our website: Convention Appearances. We've only put up the ones that are 100% solid.

5. We're getting invited to shows as guests now--Zenkaikon has invited us to their show in March! It'll run March 18, 19, & 20 in King of Prussia, PA--a Philadelphia suburb and swanky neighborhood. Oo La la!

6. Back in mid-February, Kevin and I went off to Katsucon, where Kevin was a guest for their webcomics section & I was a volunteer. We had a grand time, met awesome people, floated like butterflies, and stung like bees, cause that's what you do. I took a ton of photos! )

So yeah, we had a sensational time. In no small part due to the herculean efforts of the staff at Katsucon. Kris, Danny, Liz, Moria, you guys were 100% solid gold. Thank you!

P.S. I'm so far behind on everything, but I swear I read my comments. Y'all're busy bees--and I hope you're doing well right now. Heck, I'm just gonna ask. How're you doing?
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I'm gonna be in two places at once this next weekend: Sept 10,11,& 12! Or at least, my studio is. We're setting up two artist alley tables at two conventions on the same weekend.

+ INTERVENTION Fri, Sat, Sun. Sept 10, 11, & 12 at the Hilton Washington DC/Rockville (1750 Rockville Pike, Rockville, Maryland, United States 20852-1699). WEBCOMICS SMALL PRESS SHOW!

+ SMALL PRESS EXPO Sat & Sun. Sept 11 & 12 at Marriott Bethesda North Hotel & Conference Center (5701 Marinelli Road, North Bethesda, MD 20852). SMALL PRESS EXTRAVAGANZA!

What is it the Cat in the Hat says? "'Look at me! Look at me now!' said the cat. 'With a cup and a cake on top of my hat! I can hold up TWO books! I can hold up the fish! And a little toy ship! And some milk in a dish!'"

I'll let you know if we sink our toy ship, sink it deep in the cake, if we shake up our house, if we bend our new rake...

Or you can just come watch us flail around :D

NOW-- MEME. B/c I'm determined to talk to people around here, darnit.
Comment and I will:
1. Tell you something I'll learn about you by looking at your journal.
2. Tell you which color you remind me of.
3. Tell you my first memory of you.
4. Tell you what pokemon Tarot Card you remind me of.
5. Ask you something I've always wondered about you, and your answer has to be as vague as possible to keep the suspense.
6. Tell you my favorite thing about your OC (if you don't have one, I'll make one up for you and tell you all about it).
7. Give you a weird nickname.
8. Tell you what's on my shirt right now.
9. Challenge you to post this on your journal.
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Where Interrobang goin'!

AUG 14th 4pm-1pm
Video game bands, arcades, & artshow full of nerd love at the SONAR in Baltimore 407 E. Saratoga St., 21202 Put it in your GPS and come on down.

AUG 19th - AUG 22nd
4 days of unrelenting comic geek-out: Chicago! This is the furthest west we've ever been at a Studio Show. WE'RE GETTING CLOSER TO CALIFORNIA!

AUG 28th & AUG 29th
Third Convention in a row, baby! Seriously, come out if you love us. We'll need some encouragement coming down the home stretch.

Where Interrobang been! PHOTOS BEYOND THIS POINT. YARR. )

Super-busy. Also with the dayjob. Phew!
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I'm sure that very famous people have very different metrics for 'success' than people who do webcomics. But indulge me while I squeal:

Somebody likes us enough to use us for RPG!Secret on lj (#03, scroll down)


A Trek Fan Site thought we were cool enough to write an article!

Way to go Kevin & Clare! You're internet-famous! :D

For what it's worth, Clare and Kevin and I have our Ensign Sue books back from the printer. We'll both be selling them in person at our respective conventions this weekend: Polaris in Toronto for Clare and Artscape in Baltimore for Kevin. Wish us luck!

Also, a friend will be cosplaying as Ensign Mary Amethyst Star Enoby Aiko Archer Picard Janeway Sue. Complete with changing hair streak. XD
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