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I'm sure that very famous people have very different metrics for 'success' than people who do webcomics. But indulge me while I squeal:

Somebody likes us enough to use us for RPG!Secret on lj (#03, scroll down)


A Trek Fan Site thought we were cool enough to write an article!

Way to go Kevin & Clare! You're internet-famous! :D

For what it's worth, Clare and Kevin and I have our Ensign Sue books back from the printer. We'll both be selling them in person at our respective conventions this weekend: Polaris in Toronto for Clare and Artscape in Baltimore for Kevin. Wish us luck!

Also, a friend will be cosplaying as Ensign Mary Amethyst Star Enoby Aiko Archer Picard Janeway Sue. Complete with changing hair streak. XD
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Napolean Bonafrog from the TMNT Punk Frogs is Groucho Marx of the Marx Brothers.

Why? There's a goofy "Vintage Hollywood" themed TMNT Community/Meme/collaboration thing going on Deviantart: MoulinMutantRevue. There's OC's and Canons and great artists and fledgling artists and it's no where near the submission deadline (Aug 28th), so not everyone's uploaded their pledged characters. But I was going out of my gourd with the need to do more art.

So. This is 1 of 3 total Marx Mutant Frogs: Harpo and Chico are in the works.

Line art Work-in-Progress Below the Cut )

Say the magic words and the frogs come down!
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I don't think I set my filters up properly on LJ, so to keep from spoiling stuff, I'm just gonna post this here on dreamwidth.

I mentioned in my last post that I did some turtle fanart to be used for making awards certificates for a fanfiction competition. Here's the art, not the completed certificate:

Turtle drawing under cut )

Pencil drawing, no inks. Cell shading with a mouse. No turtle in particular. Holding one of those throwing blades from Movie 4.
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So this weekend has been a blessed respite from anything important. I need to become independently wealthy so I can live like this WHENEVER I WANT. Heh. Not all the time though, it's a nice place to visit, but I wouldn't want to live here.

What was accomplished?

1. Discovered THIS MEME on Vchan's journal: ALBUM COVER MADNESS!

My album cover from my Band: Jan Palach Square. "It Knocks Over A Chair" is Moroccan Techno-fusion, which stormed onto the discothèque scene in the south of France and knocked over some serious chairs in the late 1990s.

a - Go to "wikipedia." Hit "random"
or click
The first random wikipedia article you get is the name of your band.

b - Go to "Random quotations"
or click
The last four or five words of the very last quote of the page is the title of your first album.

c - Go to flickr and click on "explore the last seven days"
or click
Third picture, no matter what it is, will be your album cover.

d - Use photoshop or similar to put it all together (an online program is )

2. Did a piece of fanart from start to finish to help make prize certificates for a few friends who are running a fan fiction competition. I'll post it under some filters so I don't wreck the big reveal at their awards ceremony.

3. Kept up with the ads over on project wonderful. They mostly run themselves, but there's a few tasks that need monitoring day-to-day.

4. Did some learning/research to expand a character's origin for a low-key round-robin thing that may never get off the ground but is fun to bullshit about. Posted doodles of native costumes/etc. Perhaps if/when the fic is ready for posting, i'll post the character notes i've amassed. I could write a (rambling) report on the Kuen Lun Mountain range to the south of Ho'Tein in Xinjiang, China now! :D

5. Finally gave up coordinating with the roomie and just watched Sita Sings the Blues on the YouTube. I highly recommend it. I will HAPPILY watch it again if the roomie and I can ever match schedules. If you watch it on the YouTube, be sure to push the "HD" button at the bottom of the frame every time you loop to a new video (there's 10 total).

6. Spent time alone. Lots of it. Most of Saturday. I love my fiance and I love my friends, but I've always loved the way an empty house feels. It feels like stretching out and completely filling your skin. Glorious space, quiet, and privacy.

7. Partied over some Magic decks with Andy & Ellen on Friday night! HAPPY BIRTHDAY AGAIN ANDY!

8. Posted around a few forums and places about nothing in particular.

9. SLEPT IN. Oh god, I slept and slept. Big Win.

10. Discovered that the powers that be are closing Geoshities! I cut my (still woefully underdeveloped) html-teeth on those basic pages. Many an RPG was supported with quick and dirty hub-pages on Geocities: Character bios, fan art, maps of locations, dated listings of all chat logs with summaries for players that missed an evening or two... Memories!

But yeah, if you know anyone who owns an old school page, they've got until October to back-up their shit or lose it forever. :( I've got everything from there... I think... I may have to double-check through the file manager.

In a few hours, I'll have to ink trigger star and check in with my Studio Co-Workers. I should start some laundry and get a shower. Maybe I'll take a few minutes and post some of those song-meme drabbles to some of my fiction communities. Or not.
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It's been a rough few weeks. Not in the sense that some thing's horribly wrong, just that I keep bumping from one stress-inducing-situation to another. It's nothing that I can't handle or that requires people to break out the violins or anything.

But, having said that...

To treat myself, I didn't do ANYTHING useful tonight. It won't help me tomorrow when I look at my pile of things still to be accomplished. In fact, I might kick myself. But I have a scanner, and I haven't drawn something of my own, on my own prompting, for myself in... a big, long while. It felt very nice to do so.

I had been having a conversation about Mona Lisa with a friend in the TMNT fandom. We both remarked that for a lizard girl, she's got nice tits. And some lovely hair. Research followed (of the 'prod wikipedia' variety). She's not even supposed to be a specific KIND of lizard. There's leanings towards "Salamander," but those are gooey and stumpy. So I opted for Iguana instead.

I drew my own version of Mona 'No-Boobies' Lisa. )

If i can justify the time and effort, perhaps I will ink and color her. Really? I think she's gonna stay like this. There's too much else that needs attention. That both excites and saddens me.
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I moderate a closed community. I attempted to make a private and members-only art gallery that would be hosted here on lj. There are apparently few ways to filter people who are not friended to your account.

I added the members from my community (yes, all 120+ of them) to my flist, assuming (my fault, i know) that lj had a function that allowed you to put a default filter on your flist. Something that would insure i could still keep up with the friends who weren't in the community, but guarantee my community members access to the gallery.

This was not so.

So, if you'd been friended to this journal and then UN-friended, it was not a personal slight.

It was not some plea for attention.

It was b/c both the gallery and the friends-list consisting of community members were moved to a different account. That account is not used. So I will not suddenly be privy to your lj-lives merely b/c we share a community of common interests. I will not miss posts by folks who know me b/c my page is flooded with community members i do not know so well.

The gallery is visible now to the group, and the privacy of my members maintained.

If you are one of the people involved and don't care whether or not you can see the gallery, please let me know! This was not to upset anyone. I will gladly make the changes that are required to make people comfortable.

Thank you.
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now you get to hear ME whine about strikethrough2007. joy.

i'm not gonna go into any kind of details or post links or anything. i'm just PISSED. and i don't know who to be properly pissed at. the wfi people? (btw, don't go to their site, they've got it crawling with spyware.) LJ? 6apart? where can i focus my RAGE and my EFFORTS, DAMMIT!?!

and... what do i do for a back-up plan?

i had only just gotten a web-community here on lj up and running and clicking along with happy clams. But... It contains fiction. Often erotic fiction. um... Lj's policies are not reassuring on that front.

Do i find another journal site and make an account to reserve my username and the username of the community? Just wait for lj to fuck things up beyond forgiveness THEN transfer over fully? Do I go NOW so as to show lj just how upsetting this is? Do i wait until my paid accounts expire?

WHERE are all my friends going? I wanna keep up with them... and if they go, why the hell am i HERE? What are the user agreements for THOSE OTHER journals? Will we get dicked there?


then there's THIS:: a MOST comprehensive list of FUN links which i know i said i wouldn't post, but i guess i lied b/c these are the things preying on my mind, so you get'em too. )

NEW STUFFand hopefully the end of it...

Lj's Apology

Lj's official "approved journal types"

Alternatives to LJ by [ profile] liz_marcs

filk (spoof) of The Firefly theme song: You Can't Take My Porn From Me. by [ profile] melayneseahawk

"Journals I believe to have been unfairly suspended but not reinstated" by [ profile] lolaraincoat

An open letter to Barak Berkowitz by [ profile] nlesuel

"Lj's Current Actions are Retarded" by Perverted Justice second article down on the main page as of 6/1/2007


Poll on Permanent Accounts by [ profile] malnpudl

Poll on moving a Plus or Basic Account by [ profile] fandompays

Poll on Paid Accounts by [ profile] fandompays

Boing Boing: Worth it to follow the links for Warren Ellis and the reminder of how people post blogs as they find information.


Firefox News, Six Apart Deletes 500 LiveJournals, Many Fannish

[ profile] kitsune13 has a List of Published Fiction Containing Illegal Sexual Activities. ha! PUBLISHED. Fan-work smuts aren't perverted. They're NORMAL!

The important distinction between Freedom of Speech rights and LJ's Right to Run LJ as a Business. Please be sure to read the comment by [ profile] publius513.

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Foreign Marvels


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